Another Europe: an alternate history map.


What would have happened if Simon de Montfort had failed and the Crown of Aragon had continued its northern expansion? What would have happened if the Castilian and Portuguese counties hadn’t survived? What if the Sami people had had their own country? Or if the Austrians had avoided being robbed Tyrol by the Italians? Or if Bavaria had refused to be a part of the German Empire during the XIX century? Or if ...? When reading history, there are many occasions where one asks himself questions like this and speculates about the changes those would bring to a political map.

For years, I’ve accumulated many of these ideas (some are mine, others I’ve picked up from other people’s comments, wether they were talking out of their asses or not), and I’ve decided to redraw the political map of Europe cramming as many of those as I could. Afterwards, I constructed all the necessary points of divergence to explain the existing differences.

It must be noted that the following map is historically impossible, that the ideas “written into” it can be even contradictory, and fluctuate beween the grounded historical demands (which could actually happen, should there be the political will) and outright crazy and inviable assertions, and, finally, that some points of divergence are better constructed than others (because I know some areas/ages of European history better than others). Do not forget this is a simple theoretical exercise, and I don’t advocate or support any of the ideas present here (although I do like some of them).

Alternate Europe’s map.

[alternate Europe’s map]

Note: when mousing over the map, the image will be replaced with a map of current Europe; clicking on it will bring a higher resolution version of this alternate Europe.

Points of divergence.

This alternate Europe differs from the real one due to the following changes:


Some of the borders aren’t perfectly drawn (for example, Germany’s eastern one and the frontier between Wales and England); this is due to my limited skills as a draftsman and to the fact that I used rudimentary tools. An expert will probably be able to redraw this map in a better way (and in less time).

I based the map on a preexisting one, extracted from Wikipedia; it’s available at This image is subject to the GFDL, so my map (not so the remainder of the article) is also suject to it:

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