Miguel Farah's flash fiction.

I have always enjoyed reading; science-fiction, in particular, is my favorite literary genre. Recently, the muses decided to illuminate me, so I have begun writing fiction, in addition to the manuals, monographs and reference books I've done over the years. I've purposefuly started with flash fiction, because this allows me to keep strictly focused on each story's central concept, which is what I'm most interested in; after all, I write to take out the ideas that are wandering around inside my brain and put them on paper byte sequences.

So far, I've written all of my flash fiction in English; this is because I've been publishing it initially in several of Reddit's subreddits, where that's the official language. There's nothing, however, to inhibit me from writing something in Spanish in the future (or, except for available time, from translating what I've already written).

Science-fiction stories.

The Old Emperor's series:

  1. The Old Emperor's Return. [499 words]
  2. The Old Emperor's Search. [475 words]
  3. The Old Emperor's Enigma. [417 words]
  4. The Old Emperor's Game. [499 words]
  5. The Old Emperor's Mirrors. [496 words]
  6. The Old Emperor's Secrets. [480 words]
  7. The Old Emperor's Servant. [498 words]
  8. The Old Emperor's Project. [500 words]
  9. The Old Emperor's Defenestration. [498 words]
  10. The Old Emperor's Voyage. [499 words]
  11. The Old Emperor's Presence. [500 words]
  12. The Old Emperor's Surprise. [500 words]
  13. The Old Emperor's Domain. [500 words]
  14. The Old Emperor's Dream. [500 words]
  15. The Old Emperor's Escape. [500 words]
  16. The Old Emperor's Island. [500 words]
  17. The Old Emperor's Conclusion. [496 words]
  18. The Old Emperor's Naysayer. [500 words]
  19. The Old Emperor's Wall. [500 words]
  20. The Old Emperor's Confrontation. [500 words]
  21. The Old Emperor's Glacier. [500 words]
  22. The Old Emperor's Surveyors. [500 words]
  23. The Old Emperor's Basin. [499 words]
  24. The Old Emperor's Finding. [500 words]
  25. The Old Emperor's Depression. [499 words]
  26. The Old Emperor's Meditation. [499 words]
  27. The Old Emperor's Translator. [500 words]
  28. The Old Emperor's Planetologist. [460 words]
  29. The Old Emperor's Preserve. [500 words]
  30. The Old Emperor's Captor. [500 words]
  31. The Old Emperor's Warden. [500 words]
  32. The Old Emperor's Move. [499 words]
  33. The Old Emperor's Descent. [850 words]

The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod's series:

  1. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part one: the aftermath of coming back isn't a walk in the park. [500 words]
  2. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part two: external help is a must. [500 words]
  3. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part three: the flood of doubts, both new and old. [500 words]
  4. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part four: it's difficult to keep close people close. [800 words]
  5. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part five: dealing with other people's disbelief, in spite of overwhelming evidence. [500 words]
  6. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part six: every death brings more doubts. [500 words]
  7. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part seven: having no body of knowledge to draw insights from. [500 words]
  8. The Downsides of Being a Chthonic Demigod, part eight: the overpowering fear of dying for good. [500 words]

The First Hunter's series:

  1. The First Hunter's Nightmare. [500 words]
  2. The First Hunter's Pride. [1000 words]
  3. The Forest Hunter's Night. [500 words]
  4. The Mountain Hunter's Delight. [500 words]
  5. The Mindenevians' Salvage. [800 words]

Scary stories.

Horror stories.

Sui generis stories.

Last update: 23 September 2015.

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