Bill Fogtman's Pictures

This page contains some rock concert pictures shot by Bill Fogtman, along with his comments. These images were discussed on the Thoughts mailing list in december/2001.


Genesis   Genesis   Genesis

Mike Rutherford   Mike Rutherford   Steve Hackett   Steve Hackett

These pics are from a Genesis show I shot at Maracanazinho - the domed auditorium next to Maracana, Rio de Janeiro's huge soccer stadium, on May 15, 1977. I will never forget how stunned I was at the end of Supper's Ready. I think it took about a minute for everybody there to come to their senses and start applauding. Simply overwhelming. I shot these with a Nikkormat FT2 body, but the best stuff I shot on Ektachrome with my F2 body... good ol' days when you actually needed a little talent and plenty of know-how to actually be a photographer :)

King Crimson

Robert Fripp   John Wetton

The 2 Crimson pics I found amongst some old local group stuff I have, and if I remember correctly are b&w renditions from color slides of a KC show I shot in New York in '73.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper   Alice Cooper   Alice Cooper

The Alice Cooper stills are from their show at Maracanazinho, Rio de Janeiro, also in 1973, not too hot on the music angle, but WHAT A SHOW!!! That guy could really control an audience!

I usually don't do b&w negs for concert shows, and stick mostly to highspeed Ektachrome, so I really can't show any of my really good stuff :( Also, last time I looked, a lot of the stuff has aged badly and/or grown mildew - one of the bad sides of living in the tropics when you're a photographer. So much of my '70s-'80s color stuff is in bad shape nowadays :((

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