King Crimson: Live in Mexico City

This WWW page contains stuff related to the King Crimson: Live in Mexico City concert that was available in the past as a free WMA download at DGM live. Namely:
  1. a jewel case cover made by Daniel Mora, and offered by him for free in Elephant Talk #612. I suggested him I put his files here, to make it easier for other ETers to grab, and he accepted. Here is the front cover, here is the inlay and here is the back cover.

  2. Another jewel case cover, made by Dario Tortora. Here is the front cover and inlay, and here is the back cover.

  3. Winamp 2.24 - This is the last Winamp version able to convert a .WMA file to a .WAV, suitable for burning a CD-R. It's been stated explicitly in the DGM guestbook that burning a CD with the concert for your own private use is fair use, and therefore is legal.

    Get the latest version at Winamp's site.

  4. The infamous .WMA, zipped for your convenience (not because it gets any extra compression, but rather because you can verify it arrived correctly to your hard drive by doing a simple unzip -t).
    I'm not sure wether having a copy of this file here is acceptable by DGM, but I'd rather do something that I think it's a service for the benefit of everyone and be wrong, than simply not doing anything. If DGM thinks otherwise, I'll remove it from here as soon as they tell me (BTW: I set up this page in september 1999, and so far I haven't gotten any complaints, so I think it's safe to assume they don't mind).

    Don't bother downloading the .WMA file anymore: DGMlive stopped issuing the license you need to play it, so if you haven't got it in your PC, you're screwed.

  5. A track listing, thanks to Randall Hammill:
    1. Dinosaur (7:28)
    2. One Time (5:57)
    3. VROOOM VROOOM (4:49)
    4. B'Boom (5:26)
    5. THRAK (6:25)
    6. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (4:53)
    7. The Talking Drum (4:02)
    8. Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two (6:15)
    9. Neurotica (4:33)
    10. 21st Century Schizoid Man (6:45)
    11. Prism (4:18)
    12. Red (6:27)

  6. A step-by-step guide for burning the WMA into a CD-R.

    Carlo B sent us this tidbit: if you are using Cdrwin to burn the CD-R, you can use this cuesheet that enables the separation of tracks, without the audio pauses. This cuesheet expects the .WAV file to be called "KC.WAV", so you may have to edit the first line (or rename the .WAV).

Go visit Discipline Global Mobile. Also, take a look at Elephant Talk.

Disclaimer: I've set up this WWW page in order to do a service to other crimso fans. As far as I understand, there is no harm done in helping others to get a file that's been made freely available by its owner, and there's nothing illegal or unacceptable in it. I could be wrong, though, and if this is indeed the case, I hereby state that I didn't do it in order to purposely cause any damage to anyone.

All the copyrights (King Crimson's, DGM's, Nullsoft's, and any others') are acknowledged.

Last update: 09/06/2002

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