Freeciv is a FREE (released under the GPL license) clone of the classic Civilization and Civilization II games.

This is where I keep my Freeciv-related stuff.

The map2xpm utility

map2xpm is a Perl script that receives a savefile as input and writes an XPM image of the map, using the year as its filename. The XPM can then be converted to a GIF (or other image format) using xpmtoppm and ppmtogif. Animated GIFs can be created using GIFsicle.

map2xpm can produce those images with a user-specified zoom level (an integer number >= 1).

Here are some sample GIFs that map2gif produces:

Input: freeciv/data/scenario/earth-160x90-v2.sav (zoom level: 4)
Earth map

Input: freeciv/data/scenario/europe-200x100-v1.sav (zoom level: 3)
Europe map V1

Input: freeciv/data/scenario/europe-200x100-v2.sav (zoom level: 3)
Europe map V2

As you can see, V1 maps have the rivers marked as a separate kind of terrain, while V2 maps overlay the rivers against the terrain map. Both kinds of maps are fully supported (unlike previous versions of map2xpm, which supported rivers only in V1 maps).

Download the map2xpm script.

The Iberian Peninsula scenario

This map reproduces the Iberian Peninsula (the landmass occupied by today's Spain and Portugal) and the nearest regions. It's a 136x100 map, suitable for at least 8 players. This map has been included in the Freeciv package since 1.12.0, so you don't need to get it from here if you have that version or a newer one.

Download the Iberian Peninsula scenario.

The Hegemonian Nation ruleset

This ruleset describes the Human Hegemony fantasy nation, taken from Dan Simmons' novels Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. City names are taken from the Hegemony's major planets.

Download the Hegemonian ruleset.

The Mare Infinitus modpack

This is a modpack loosely inspired in the polinesian islands and the Mare Infinitus planet (described in detail in Dan Simmons' Endymion). The maps in this modpack have a LOT of water and a number of small islands (most of them sized at one square).

This modpack is currently in the initial stages of development. Please see the Mare Infinitus page for up-to-date information.

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